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konstruktor light-object  spring 2013

Just two materials, no screws, no glue, no bolts. Wood and metal connected to each other throug the entire construction.

The tin lamp-shade is casted on the oak-socked in fluid condition.











GRADUATIONWORK – tableobjects

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“Multiverse”, Endexam-Project of Til Hennen

What if our world is pieced together of infinitely many other worlds? What would happen if one could travel through those parallel universes? I have sent an object through space and time, and now presenting the artifact, so everyone can take a look behind the quantum veil.

In my concept, I dealt with the mysteries of quantum physics and mostly was interested in the different interpretations of it. The thought experiments of Schrödinger and other scientists about Quantum-Theory brought me to the term of a “Multiverse”, which means many universes are existing next to each other and are able to interact. So this story gave me enough inspiration to create a tangible object imaging my interpretation of the occurrences during a voyage through a “Mutliverse”.

The special combination of wood and liquid metal creates a high degree of contrast in my design. I characterise my end-product always as an object, because I want the greatest possible room for interpretation. This does not mean that a function is missing. Much more it is up to the viewer to search for his personal capacity and experience the object as furniture, art-object or mystery- debris.



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